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Sudan Tourist Guide

Sudan Tourist Guide 1967 - map showing tourist offices

This was my first summer of being a tourist in Sudan: my first time in Khartoum, and my second time in Juba since 2007.  Admittedly I did a bit of work in Juba and a conference in Khartoum, but I was primarily a tourist.  I visited museums, went to ‘cultural events’, took a few nervous photos; it was a great summer.

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The ESRC 1+3: being a 1+ student

Part three: being ESRC at Durham and the Durham University postgraduate experience

I’ve had an interesting, varied summer, and spent my “+” weeks – after finishing the Masters dissertation and waiting for the PhD to begin – at a conference in Khartoum.  More on that in another post though – first I’ll finish my 3-part post on being an ESRC student.  This will be a short one, but I just want to sum up some personal points that I didn’t make in the more practical earlier posts.

This last year hasn’t really felt like a Masters course in the way my other friends described theirs.  As well as the workload being less intensive and completely interdisciplinary (see my previous posts – one and two), I was also free of the impending job hunt and funding worries of my contemporaries – I knew my PhD was secure.

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