Archives in South Sudan: moving time

The archives are being evicted from their tent, which is on another government agency’s turf.  This is why I’ve rocked up before the project is underway, to help with packing and removal of the fragile, scattered and dirty loose papers, books, pamphlets, gazettes and museum objects left in the roasting wet heat of the tent.  They’re going to be split between a few destinations, as soon as some prefab containers are shifted across town by UNMISS and the Ministry agree to sharing their offices with some old Chollo spears and shields.

This is a good thing, because it’s forcing us (and the Ministry) to make space, start thinking about the renovation of a house to become the semi-permanent archive home, and start ratifying what documents are really salvageable.  It also means that I’ve got a new case of archive lung, and am up to my eyes in logistical planning.  And I thought I was a historian.


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