Borders: a link set

I’ve been slightly surprised by how many enquiries I get about the borders of South Sudan and Sudan; I’m not a borders expert, and I definitely have no answers.  However, since my rant a few weeks ago about the interminable question of maps, I’m posting again to provide two key links to material on the Sudanese borderlands.

Firstly, key reading before looking for maps is Douglas Johnson’s book on the Sudan/South Sudan borderlands, available for free PDF download at the Rift Valley Institute in English and Arabic (scroll down through publications).  Douglas may be producing an updated version, but this small book is still extremely current.

I would then look at the Durham Sudan Archives maps collection; it requires a good internet connection to load but can be zoomed to serious detail.  Again, though, bear in mind Douglas’ comments (and my blog post) about the ‘maps problem’.

If anyone has any other recommendations, I’d like to add them.

The blog has been on hold while I’ve been in the UK at two conferences, had a short holiday, and seen my family.  Back to Nairobi on Sunday so I’ll be here a lot more…


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