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Breaking (in) my replacement


So, Dan from RVI has arrived to replace me at the South Sudan National Archives for the next nine weeks.  And I’ve spent this week “handing over”.

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Juba updates

  • Ever since the very worrying announcement of Machar’s (constitutionally, legally) curtailed powers last week, there have been dozens of SPLA, heavily armed, stationed at each roundabout in the centre of Juba, and posted along the roads to the airport.  Ominous or precautionary?  Taxi drivers are advising staying in after 10pm, and I am.
  • I am wrapping up my work with the Rift Valley Institute, and at the South Sudan National Archives, this coming Friday.  I panicked, at 2am last night, that I hadn’t arranged for the handover of the RVI office in Wau; then I remembered, RVI in South Sudan is just me at the moment, and I don’t have an office in Wau.

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Aweil: photos


I watched three football matches in three days: the first games of the South Sudan national cup.  That’s officially more football than I’ve seen in months.

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Starting research – Aweil


Aweil is very beautiful, in a completely different way.  I really like Central Equatoria, particularly now the rains have started in earnest and everything is bright, fluorescent green, but northern Bahr el Ghazal has something otherworldly about it.

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Things I have been doing: photo blog part II


I thought I had typhoid!  But it was just three different types of un-fun bacteria.  Gone now.

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Things I have been doing: photo blog

20130310_164943A lot of pool.  Sundays are sacred pool days.

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Scrap that – things afoot in Juba

Juba politics is inscrutable at the best of times; the cabal around Kiir, the definite occasional torture and daily harassment of journalists and nosy people, and the general militarisation of the town over the last two years is notable and really forestalls any real understanding of inner politics when you’re not at the forefront of an embassy – or even then.

That’s not to say it’s impossible or unsafe to live here.  I’ve arrived back in Juba after five days in Aweil (more later) and there are no signs of an impending coup as far as I can see, and frankly the airport is a good first place to look for that kind of thing.  Everyone is drinking their beers at 4pm like usual.

But the key thing is, my last post is redundant; now that Kiir has stripped Machar’s powers back to the constitutional limits for a vice-president, he has also cancelled the ‘reconciliation’ conference.  So that’s one fewer trips to Juba for me, when I leave for Aweil in five weeks.

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