Things I have been doing: photo blog part II


I thought I had typhoid!  But it was just three different types of un-fun bacteria.  Gone now.

20130327_180926It’s hard to see, but this very badly beaten Dorset Cereals is 52SSP each; that is about $14, or £9, a box.

20130410_180038There was a book of condolences at the British Embassy in Juba.





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10 responses to “Things I have been doing: photo blog part II

  1. Rainer

    Did you write something in the book of condolences?

  2. Rainer

    And did anyone write something interesting? How often did people write “Ding dong the witch is dead” :-)?

  3. I thought you’d been vaccinated against typhoid!!

  4. PS – do you have an address? I could send you Dorset cereals and you could make a tidy profit. That said, it’s not cheap here, so with postage to South Sudan as well might make it more that £9 a box anyway…

    • My current address is: “go straight over at the roundabout, except the roundabout was stolen and sold, and then turn left at the poker game. We’re after the second rubbish heap on the left”. …?

  5. laura

    You can buy Dorset cereal in the pound shop in Oxford. Also giant flower pots. So many lucrative business opportunities….. p.s. Love the photos Nicki!

    • Genius! Although last time I was in Juba I actually paid £4 for a piece of parmesan that I would have paid about 70p for in the UK. Sigh. I just needed it. And now I have access to a kind of semi-cheese in Wau, my stomach apparently can’t even handle it – retching horrors! Why is this happening

  6. laura

    p.s.s who had written in the book of the dead?

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