Juba updates

  • Ever since the very worrying announcement of Machar’s (constitutionally, legally) curtailed powers last week, there have been dozens of SPLA, heavily armed, stationed at each roundabout in the centre of Juba, and posted along the roads to the airport.  Ominous or precautionary?  Taxi drivers are advising staying in after 10pm, and I am.
  • I am wrapping up my work with the Rift Valley Institute, and at the South Sudan National Archives, this coming Friday.  I panicked, at 2am last night, that I hadn’t arranged for the handover of the RVI office in Wau; then I remembered, RVI in South Sudan is just me at the moment, and I don’t have an office in Wau.

  • There are now chocolate raisins sold in Jit supermarket at an affordable price.
  • Dan, an RVI intern, is coming to take over the running of the Archives from me.  I have bought him some welcome Dettol soap and a loofah, in preparation.
  • I’m now on a panel at the African Studies Association conference in November in Baltimore, supposedly speaking on my PhD research; this means I have to do some, before November.
  • I am going on holiday for three weeks in Kenya and Uganda, before heading back up here.  Academic posts may be, as ever, sporadic.
  • The heavy rains have finally begun properly in Juba, after a few weeks of light showers.  I have discovered that the small, black and white striped plastic bags commonly used in small shops here are the perfect size for a stylish waterproof hat.

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