Juba style: nail art update

I’ve had a bit too much of politics at close hand this week, so here’s an update on my ongoing beautification in Juba.  Now I’m back in the capital, there’s no excuse not to go to my favourite nail artist, Joseph, in Souk Libya (next to the pharmacy in the centre).  Joseph has upgraded his stool-and-basket to a full on nail bar!

20131029_135334 small

I obviously went for my “Juba French” manicure, Joseph’s invention, and went wild on the feet with a kind of tarmac-road motif – celebrating a return to towns with paving?

20131019_151101 small

20131019_151043 small

And today, after a pretty successful run of interviews all day, I’ve gone for the full sequins and floral:

20131029_161035 small




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3 responses to “Juba style: nail art update

  1. If I sent you a pic of my nails right now you would be disgusted. Miss you lady! Say hi to our favorite nail artist. hugs

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