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“New Sudan”: baton passing?

[once independence is achieved,] those content with the liberation of the South could remain behind while those committed to the liberation of the whole country could continue the struggle.

According to Francis Deng (War of Visions, p.505), this was John Garang’s argument about divisions within the SPLA between those fighting specifically for an independent South and soldiers who believed in Garang’s vision of a broader national political struggle.

According to Deng, this ‘clever scheme’ was ‘never… understood’: at the time, in the library, I found this quite funny, a bizarre image of an army where the majority decided to stay ‘at home’ while some of their mates went north.

Obviously, back home from the library, I realised that the SPLM North’s current political rhetoric and the phrasing of their agreements – however unlikely they are to work in practice – with the current Darfur groups echo Garang’s sentiments nicely.  It’s a strange quote, and a strange perspective on current events.

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