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Aweil research: photo journal


I licenced my bike!  After making “friends” with a lot of traffic police.  No fines, just lots of awkward chat.  Which was almost as bad, sometimes, but many of them were pretty happy just to have a chat to a white woman clearly learning how to work gears with her foot.

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Kenya and South Sudan – the border question resurfaces?

The dotted line of doom: Google's version of the disputed Kenya-South Sudan border

The dotted line of doom: Google’s version of the disputed Kenya-South Sudan border

I’ve been asked recently about the border between South Sudan and Kenya, and how recently, Eastern Equatoria officials have asked for the border to be demarcated, ostensibly to help administration and stop local disputes.

While I don’t want to step on any toes, I’d like to post up my response here, not just about the UK’s potential role in ‘helping’ with this.

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Borders: a link set

I’ve been slightly surprised by how many enquiries I get about the borders of South Sudan and Sudan; I’m not a borders expert, and I definitely have no answers.  However, since my rant a few weeks ago about the interminable question of maps, I’m posting again to provide two key links to material on the Sudanese borderlands.

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Maps of the Sudan border: the endless conversation

Maybe it’s working with Douglas Johnson, or for the Rift Valley Institute, or being a PhD student at Durham with the Sudan Archives, but I am fed up with the endless preoccupation with maps of the Sudan-South Sudan border.

The desperate search for the colonial maps of the 1956 boundary, which was then an internal administrative border, has flared up again today, as Vice President Riek Machar asked the British officials he met over Christmas in England to look for ‘missing’ maps of key border hotspots, apparently secreted away by the British in a fit of pique.


Apparently the message hasn’t been received.  There are no maps of the 1956 border from 1956.  The administrative borders were laid out on maps by the survey department from the 1930s through to the early 1950s; there’s no one map that shows, in sufficient detail, where the border exactly is in 1956.  A full collection of maps – I’m pretty certain there aren’t any missing ones?  I’ve seen the existing ones from the Nuba Mountains and Bahr al Ghazal in the Sudan Archive already – can be found in the Royal Geographical Society in London and the Sudan Archive in Durham.  These were consulted in early rounds of border demarcation exercises.

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