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Philosophising on money – returned refugee settlement, Juba



Money makes the
World dance.
Dance for you
A big dance a
Great waltz
Money breaks mountain
down and irrigated deserts.
Money makes u able to
See well & show u the way
But my friend told
Me that the person
Who loves you
Because you have
Money, that person
Will bite you when
You have no money.
Money make great
Fools wise.
Money is love.
When you have a lots
Of money there re
Too many woman
Who love you.
When you’re poor
There’s hardly
Anyone to love u.
Money can buy
A human being!
Oh money, money
Hundreds of notes
Thousands of dollars &
Pound make u enjoy an
Earthly paradise but
Remember money kill!

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Starting research – Aweil


Aweil is very beautiful, in a completely different way.  I really like Central Equatoria, particularly now the rains have started in earnest and everything is bright, fluorescent green, but northern Bahr el Ghazal has something otherworldly about it.

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