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Starting up

As a very new postgraduate, everything I do at the moment feels “introductory”, so here’s another.  Hello!

Why a blog, I don’t hear you cry?  It appears that if you are a new postgraduate student, blogging is both trendy and useful, for putting down interesting sidelines that don’t unfortunately fit your research, for ranting about archival issues, and even just for the practice of writing coherent non-paragraph sentences when all you’ve done that day is delete.

I’m currently doing a Masters in Social Research Methods, under the firm hand of the ESRC, before beginning a PhD in something to do with Sudanese internal migrant politics – dependent on other people publishing stuff, the political situation, funding and my poor language-learning skills.  I’m hoping that this blog will focus on a few things: the little interesting findings and stories that otherwise get lost in notes, the frustrations and complicated aspects of learning the postgrad ropes, my rocky but ongoing relationship with Modern Standard Arabic, and – maybe – some actual research.  I will try to post as often as possible, but I cannot promise blazing prose or that I won’t talk about the ongoing broken oven situation.  On some particularly bad research days, I may resort to pictures of kittens.

I will try to reply to anyone – not just other students – and please flag up your blog and I’ll add it to my list.  Thank you for visiting, do come again soon.

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